Morel Speakers

“The geometric shape of the speaker as it glitters in Gold is reminiscent of the Sun - transformative, powerful, shining brightly as a spotlight and commanding attention.”

For Morel’s 45thanniversary, Miriam and Morel collaborated to bring to life the movement of sound. Through the use of gold liquid, Miriam created a visual glimpse of the waveforms that are the basis of sound.

There is no sound without movement. Movement is the basis of sound, soundwaves are not just the frequency but the currency in which we deal. This is evident in Morel’s fluid and modern design, form follows function philosophy. A Morel speaker commands the attention of your eyes just as much as the sound emanating from it commands the attention not only of your ears but your entire body and soul.

Cabessa’s works are known for interpreting movement, for having a dynamic flow and rhythm. Often she uses unique breathing techniques to give her patterns more life on the canvas. Morel asked Cabessa to start by listening to their speakers, and only then to translate and interpret her experience into a work of art.

Her works shed a unique light onto the experience of Morel. It is almost a spiritual experience.