Train Stations Art Project

Reflections on Space and Time
Curators: Galit Malis, Karen Stevenson Lahav
Y- art - Contemporary Israeli Art in Alternative Spaces

Train stations are a world in motion: people coming and going, trains barreling in and out, Constantly-changing digital screens, the urban landscape continually in flux. For the individual person, travel symbolizes a transition among worlds, experiences and sentiments. This is yet another manifestation of the zeitgeist, which is pervaded by frantic motion, rapid
Art often deals with the element of motion and change as it refers to nature, civilization and the human soul. In this exhibition, which examines this concept through a variety of artistic forms of expression, highlights the tension between cyclic, formulaic motion and movements reflecting breach of boundaries and free expression – primarily through images related to the human body. Just like contemporary techno-digital culture, the human spirit is constantly in motion, moving within a multidimensional, dynamic, unstable existence, albeit a continually-regenerating and surprising existence.
The exhibition “Reflections on Space and Time”; is on show in 2022 at three train stations: Sderot, Tel Aviv-Hashalom and Haifa-Merkaz Hashmona. This is the third and final exhibition in this series linking between the experiential world of train stations and the world of contemporary Israeli art.