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Miriam Cabessa has won the Israeli Ministry of Culture 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Cabessa proposes the movement of her body as the last place the world could overpower, the ultimate barricade of the self.  It is not cogito, nor a critical approach in the conventional sense; but it is a very strong and principled point of resistance to control and surveillance. It is the body that knows, the inner rhythm, the eroticism, the libido – and they cannot be dominated or appropriated by the coercive systems of the state or cultural institutions. The mere existence of this place extends hope as to the feasibility of resistance and rebellion. The manifestations of these personal proficiencies are, in Cabessa’s case, outstanding in their peculiarity, and consequently highly credible in the contention they propose; rebellion is launched from the specific erotica of the body.

Miriam Cabessa: Replicated Intimacy, Venice Biennale 1997, Israeli Pavilion

Curator and text: Sarah Breitberg-Semel